Grace House Pregnancy Center provides support from pregnancy through the toddler years by offering free pregnancy, parenting, and life skills classes available online and in person. Class engagement earns points toward essential items for the family.

We strive to provide a supportive, encouraging environment for moms and dads desiring to be the best parents possible.

How The Program Works

  1. Attend our FREE pregnancy, parenting, and life skills classes.
  2. Earn points for every class you attend.
  3. Shop for items for you and your baby using your earned points.

Featured Class

Preparing For Baby

An 8-week class for expectant mothers and fathers, which includes:

  • Pregnancy Tips
  • Newborn Care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Support Person Tips

FREE Maternity or Newborn photos included with participation in this class.

Additional Classes

Child Safety

  • Car seat safety
  • Water safety
  • Poison prevention
  • CPR

Child Development

  • Baby teeth
  • Motor development
  • Potty training

Life Skills

  • Money management
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Practical parenting
  • College workshops
  • How-To Dad
  • Teen Parenting

Just For Fun

  • Card making
  • Bible study

Mom’s Monthly Support Group

In addition to pregnancy and parenting classes, we offer a monthly support group for expectant and new mothers. Join other women who share your experiences. Learn together and grow along with them.